giòn giòn

The bánh mì Bar

Giòn Giòn is another extension of 123ZÔ, to specialize in serving the best authentic banh mi to Singapore.

Giòn Giòn is not only strived to serve an authentic Vietnamese taste, mouth watering, fulfilling and crispy banh mi, but also break out from the conventional way of selling banh mi to enable you to create your mix of banh mi filling, a.k.a. YOUR BANH MI BAR.

our chef

Amy Tran

In a world filled with stories of resilience and determination, the tale of a humble Central Vietnamese girl who, along with her husband, embarked on a courageous journey to open a restaurant in Singapore amidst the challenges of the Covid pandemic, shines brightly. This extraordinary lady made the brave decision to leave behind their successful milk tea chain business and venture into the world of gastronomy, driven by their passion for food and their desire to share the treasured recipes passed down from the lady's beloved grandmother.